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Most pressure vessels need to be registered and inspected every two to three years. But if the equipment is not maintained properly or inspections are delayed, the potential outcome – failure of the pressure vessel and an explosion – can result in property damage, injury and even death.

If you are the owner of pressure equipment, by law it is your responsibility to ensure its safety, including having your pressure vessel or boiler inspected regularly (in Victoria there are significant fines for non-compliance). Not only is it good workplace safety practice, because pressure vessel inspections include an appraisal of the condition of the equipment and early detection of potential failures, pressure vessel testing also assists with improving the longevity of your asset.

Victorian Testing and Inspection Services provides cost-effective boiler and pressure vessel inspection in compliance with WorkSafe requirements and local laws. The inspection takes into account where and how the equipment is being used.

VTS can also assist in the registration process and completion of relevant registration paperwork, whether you have one pressure vessel or multiples across a series of sites.

And we’re even on the job helping you to keep track of when your inspections are due. For each item of plant we keep an inspection schedule and will contact you when the next inspection is due.

All of which means you can be confident that your plant is WorkSafe compliant and safe to use.

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